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Find your customized IT Company or Freelancer. Moreover you can get competent answer for any IT questions with AA (Ask-Answer) Function. For more Information please read below.

What is Ask-Answer Function (AA-Function)

Many of us know how important is that daily every computerized program or hardware (PC and Computer) works well without any errors. But often comes to errors which we need appropriate solutions. Finding quick the right solution is not easy. First of all in internet, IT forum are so much information, that is very hard to seek at Forum exactly that information, which could help. Secondly that costs much time and finally sometimes you don’t even know which keywords you should look for in Google or Bing to locate professional development as well as software recommendation. That is why we created this new function. With Ask-Answer option you can find specialist, search freelancers then easily ask almost every information technology firm on our website and get quick the right answer for little money. Especially now it is very important, because amount of information high-tech devices is growing steadily and thus makes more complex for standard users.

How the AA-Function works?

To use this function you have two possibilities. First one is to use the option “See additional parameters” in the search mask. Then to make a cross in “Ask-Answer Function” and you get a list of IT companies. This way you can find IT company or freelancer for those IT fields which you need. Second option is to push the button below “Ask-Answer Function” and will get a list of all IT firms which provide Ask-Answer Function. In the profile of company you have to click on the button “Buy Answer for question” and then you will get soon a response from that company. This was all about it – get quick and easy to your goal

ITChooser is first of all an innovative search engine machine for different IT Services from different field of specifications.
A small example from areas, which are provided here:
This projects belongs to company East&West Info EP. Main target of ITChooser is to provide every possible IT support and solution to private or industrial sector. With huge database of IT companies, freelancers almost every IT project can be realized. Moreover this function on the website offers many parameters, filters to visitors and customers. With those technical parameters customers can optimize their search results very well. Some of them as very are mentioned below. With those technical filters, parameters results are effective and precise. That brings many advantages like economy in time, quick results. This way everybody could find right candidate with required attributes.

Today registered IT Companies

Top IT Companies

Our partners and our Top IT Companies you can see in the list below.
The idea for development ITChooser was born in Germany, Bavaria, city Amberg in 2014. The cause was long and ineffective looking for programmers, IT consultant, IT professional, IT firms. In internet are many companies with freelancers with different classifications as well as specifications but there were no companies list where you could compare them, lack at benchmark, no project prices, project duration, possible begin, rating or feedbacks. For effective search are all these points very important. With ITChooser these problems are solved and everybody is able to use search engine function for free. On our website are many IT companies over 200 at the moment or freelancers over 15. This huge choice makes ITChooser very effective.
Beside of main function ITChooser also offers to users order pool, in which everybody describes own IT tickets, even internet shop is on website. Every registered InfoTech company, IT professionals have possibility to provide their own products (software, hardware) in that shop. Moreover ITChooser offers to both parties clients (somebody who is looking help) and contractor (IT company which helps) help as well as support with achieving their targets. About these points everybody could find many information on our website.

Information technology consulting

The biggest challenges today are management with strategy computerized consulting, IT maintenance and IT business consultant. All these areas belong to Information technology and have a huge importance for high-tech companies and has also many advantages in progressive private sector (standard users). New high tech software needs to be showed, well explained to society very well. Exactly for this point every visitor have opportunity to google on web site appropriate professional help in following sectors:
As conclusion it can be said, that ITChooser is not only a perfect search engine about all information services, but also a huge platform and hub at every activity in information technology sector. Our project is new and continue to develop. Our project is focused on private and industrial sectors worldwide in countries especially EU, Russia, India, China, USA. Take a lead, locate specialist team, IT firm as well as search freelancers. Regarding all questions, ideas or proposals as well as cooperation, we ask you kindly to contact us directly.